James Bond’s ‘Skyfall’ Movie Was Rated R, Says ‘GTA’ Producer: ‘Not Good Enough’

On Saturday, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) released a statement that called out the film’s violent content and the “inconsistent rating” it received from the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA).

“It is unfortunate that ‘SkyFall’ is rated R for some scenes and ‘Gravity’ is Rated PG-13 for others,” the statement read.

“We believe the MPAA should have more flexibility to change its rating for the movie they have certified.”

The MPAA also said that the movie is not an appropriate vehicle for children and is too violent for the mature audience it claims to serve.

The decision comes in the wake of an extensive outcry over the film, which was released on July 7.

Critics of the film and its controversial subject matter have criticized it for its depiction of violence, misogyny and racism.

“Skyfall” was released by Sony Pictures, the company that produced the film.

On Friday, Variety reported that the film was being criticized for a number of different things.

“The film’s depiction of the death of a black man by a white cop, and its representation of white male entitlement to the use of force, are among many issues,” Variety’s Amanda Zuckerman wrote.

“Critics have called for an end to the film after a woman who was beaten and raped in the film told the Academy that she was ‘angry, scared, and scared to death that this was going to be repeated in future movies.'”

The Academy of Film and Television Arts (AFTAA) has yet to make a decision on the movie.

According to Variety, the Motion picture association had been hesitant to change the film since its release, citing concerns that the rating would not be sufficient to make it an appropriate film for audiences.

“At the Academy, we are committed to ensuring that the Academy Awards represent the best in film and television,” the AFTAA statement read, “and that all Academy members are treated with the same dignity, respect, and courtesy in the public arena.”

“Gravity” also had a rating change last year.

On December 5, 2017, the MPDA said it was “reviewing a change to ‘Grizzly Man’ from R to PG-12.”

“It should be noted that the motion picture rating system has not changed over the past five years, and it has been clear to us that our rating is not adequate to adequately protect the movie’s themes,” the MPTA statement read at the time.

“Although we recognize the need to change this movie’s rating, the AFTAAA has reviewed the film extensively to determine whether there is an appropriate change in the rating for this film.

The film’s themes and content are not appropriate for a mature audience, and the film fails in its mission to tell a story that respects all people and is relevant to the challenges we face.”

The movie’s controversial subject and its violent content was also the subject of criticism last year after a clip of the movie leaked online, where it showed an actor and actress kissing.

A woman claimed that she had been sexually harassed while filming the film in order to play a character in the movie who was a “bully” to a girl.

“I was shocked that a movie would be made about a sexual assault, and I didn’t understand why it would be allowed to be made,” the woman said on the clip.

The Academy also took action in December after it was criticized for allowing a film starring a transgender woman to be released.

The Oscar-winning documentary, “Transparent,” is also being investigated for its controversial depiction of transgender people.

“Transgender is a complex topic that is rarely discussed in the media, and yet we know that some of the most vulnerable and marginalized people are bullied in the name of transgender identity,” a statement on the academy’s website reads.

“This film is a clear demonstration of that: We see the pain that these families and others are going through, the impact of bullying, and what the Academy hopes will be a powerful message to those who perpetrate this kind of violence and harassment.”