What to watch for in the AL West playoff race

Minnesota’s Twins, Arizona’s Diamondbacks, and Houston’s Astros are the AL East’s three wild-card teams, and all three teams are in position to claim their first postseason berth in nearly a decade.

But the three AL West teams have been largely invisible this postseason.

As a result, the wild-cards are being overshadowed by a handful of teams who have been more dominant in recent years.

The Los Angeles Dodgers, for example, have won eight straight playoff games and have the best record in the NL.

Meanwhile, the New York Yankees have won nine straight games and are in a tie for second place with the Chicago Cubs, who have won the last two World Series.

The San Francisco Giants, meanwhile, have gone 21-9 since the start of the year and have a .500 record and an NL-best 10-5 record in their last 13 games.

The New York Mets are in fourth place in the division, and they have won three of their last four games.

However, they have only a .286 winning percentage in their past seven games.

These three teams have lost four of their past five games and will play a playoff series in a division with the Dodgers, Yankees, and Giants.

What to look for in each wild-Card game?

The Yankees are in first place, which means they have the advantage of being in first position in the standings and therefore have more chances of winning the wild cards.

But that also means they need to be better than their record would suggest.

The team that loses its final two games of the regular season is eliminated from postseason contention.

For the Yankees, that means they can start their season by playing better baseball.

But even if they lose their final two, they still need to win their remaining seven games and they can still have a chance to win the AL wild-catchers.

So the Yankees need to play better baseball and start the season on a winning note, but they need help to do that.

The Dodgers are in third place, meaning they are not a wild-cats, but a wild team with a losing record.

The best teams in the league have won six of their seven games, which makes them a very strong team.

So they need some help, especially since they need at least a win to guarantee themselves a wild card.

The Yankees need a win in six of the next seven games to be sure of a wild spot, but the Dodgers are one game behind.

That makes it tough for the Dodgers to win on their own.

The Giants are in fifth place, and their record is the worst in the American League.

The worst teams in baseball have lost five of their six games and the Giants have the worst record in baseball.

So, the Giants can win the NL East and potentially the division.

But, the team with the worst records needs to be the most competitive, and that means winning a lot of games.

What is a winning record?

The best team in the majors wins by an average of 1.6 wins per 162 games.

That means teams that are 1.5 wins better in the past five seasons have won 8.2 more games than teams that have been 1.0 wins worse.

So a 1.9-win improvement is a great thing.

But a 1-win decline is also a great accomplishment.

The Mets are one of the best teams ever, but their record of 4-16 is actually the worst mark in baseball since 1946.

The next best team is the 1986 Washington Senators, who won 6-16.

The Astros are one win away from winning the AL Central and will face the division-leading Dodgers in the wild card game, but that is not enough to guarantee a playoff spot.

The Angels are another team that is just a bit better than average, but is not quite as good as the Mets or Giants.

The Mariners are a little better than good, but not great.

The Rays are also a bit worse than average and should still have enough to get a wild Card spot.

What does this mean for the NL West?

This is the second wild-round series this year, and the AL and NL West teams will play each other for a spot in the postseason.

The teams in this series will face each other in the final two rounds of the playoffs.

The wild-bowling portion of the AL Wild Card Series will take place Thursday, and then the wild game will take a place in October.

The NL Wild Card series will take the field in October and the wild contest will be played in late November.

What if I need help with my favorite team?

Check out these playoff odds sites.

NL Wild Cards odds sites: wagner sportsbook,wildcard.com,wildcards.nba.com NL Wild Tickets odds sites : wildfantasy.com , wildcards.com .

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Nigerian internet censorship crackdown leaves internet users vulnerable

A new crackdown by the Nigerian government has left internet users exposed to online attacks and even death threats.

The new policy, announced on Sunday, is aimed at curbing the online expression of anti-government sentiment and other forms of extremism in the country.

The government has imposed a total of five new “anti-terrorism” measures since the end of March, and in recent days, it has also imposed restrictions on social media and online news websites, as well as news channels and websites that publish videos and images, according to Nigerian news outlet News24.

The most prominent measure was the ban on social networking sites and mobile phone apps, which was initially imposed on Twitter and Facebook but was later extended to YouTube, Facebook and other social media sites, as News24 reported.

It has also barred some online news sites from running in the evening and on weekends.

The ban also targets news websites that provide links to videos and pictures.

It is unclear how the government plans to implement these measures, but it has previously imposed restrictions in the name of fighting terrorism.

In a statement, the government said it was taking all necessary measures to protect citizens’ rights and security.

“The government is making every effort to safeguard the safety of its citizens,” the statement said.

“As part of the efforts to combat terrorism, the Government has decided to impose strict measures on the internet.

We are working to protect our citizens from cyber crime.”

The new restrictions are designed to protect internet users from potential attacks, the statement continued.

The new measures include:• banning the sharing of news and information on social networks, websites and video sharing platforms, including Twitter and YouTube, which are used to distribute videos and photos;• banning online news and news-related information and publications on social platforms, such as Facebook and Google;• restricting access to certain websites and media outlets, including Al Jazeera and CNN;• prohibiting the use of the internet for any activity that would incite violence, and prohibiting access to websites and content on social platform platforms that promote or encourage violence;• blocking access to specific news websites and websites based on their content, including news websites based in Nigeria, Al Jazeera, Aljazeera English and Al Arabiya English;• limiting the ability of certain social media platforms to operate;• curbing access to social media content from certain news sites based in the United Arab Emirates;• requiring certain media outlets to remove certain content from their websites, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter;• mandating that news websites publish more often than once a day, and posting a warning on the front page, and on their website, and making the content available on YouTube and other video sharing websites, and social media websites;• and requiring that certain news websites provide additional content, such in-depth analysis, and the ability to comment on the content.

“In order to preserve the safety and security of our citizens, the authorities have imposed these measures to combat the spread of extremism and to safeguard against cyber crime,” the government statement continued, citing the country’s cyber crime task force.

“They are also trying to maintain public confidence in the state’s efforts against terrorism and extremist activities and to curb the spread and use of social media to spread extremist messages,” it added.

The announcement comes as Nigeria is currently in the midst of a massive national security campaign that aims to combat a wave of terrorism, including the deadly attack on the country on March 16, 2016, that killed more than 150 people.

Nigeria is the latest country to see a crackdown by President Muhammadu Buhari, who has taken to the media to assert his authority and to criticize opposition politicians, and critics say he has gone far beyond the authorities’ stated aims to stamp out violent extremism.

Buhari has repeatedly accused the opposition of seeking to destabilize the country, and has promised to crack down on terrorism.

Albanian newspaper editor: ‘We will not forgive anyone’ for beating journalist

ANTOINE, ALBANIA — An Albanian newspaper has published a cartoon depicting a black woman with a black face, a white man with a white beard and a white woman with the slogan “You cannot kill us”.

The cartoon was published in the Punch newspaper on Saturday.

The paper says the cartoon is satirical and “not in any way offensive”.

“The cartoon of a black African woman with black hair, white man, beard and white woman is in no way offensive to anyone, regardless of their race,” it said.

“Albania is a tolerant country where everyone has the right to express themselves, regardless who they are or what they believe.”

The cartoon has sparked condemnation in Albanian media, with many commentators calling for the newspaper’s editor to be sacked.

The Punch newspaper says it does not have a racist editorial policy.