Why did Kenya choose independence over independence?

Kenya has long been seen as an outlier among African nations, but a recent poll has found that more than half of the country’s people now favour independence from its two-century-old colonial rulers.

The survey by the independent Kenya Democracy Institute (KDEI) also found that two-thirds of respondents support independence for the western province of Nairobi, while a quarter want to remain part of Kenya.

A majority of respondents said they were not in favour of giving up their language and culture and favouring democracy and a stronger economy.

The latest survey also found support for independence is at an all-time high.

The institute, which is funded by the Australian government, surveyed 1,200 people across Kenya and the capital, Nairobombe, in September and October.

The poll showed that the overwhelming majority of Kenyans were in favour that independence from the United Nations and other international organisations should be the nation’s decision, but only 22 per cent favoured it being part of the nation.

More than three quarters of Kenyoans said they supported democracy and an economy that is strong, while just 16 per cent said they did not.

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