How a South Korean woman could become a leader of a nation

A young South Korean girl from Seoul has become the first woman leader of North Korea’s ruling Workers’ Party.

The 24-year-old woman was selected to run for the top post in the North Korean Workers’ Political Bureau, the party’s main political body.

The announcement was made by the party in a statement, which said that the young woman will be the head of the agency’s Central Military Commission and be responsible for all the party functions.

The statement said she will work to unite the North and the South, and strengthen the unity of the country through a common vision.

“Her leadership will not only give the North an incentive to cooperate and strengthen its unity but also strengthen the country’s unity,” it said.

The new South Korean leader will take over from the late Kim Jong Un, who was succeeded in power by his son, Kim Jong Nam, in December 2017.

He is believed to be the eldest son of Kim Jong Il, the former leader of the North.

“She will take the reins of the party and lead it to victory,” KCNA news agency quoted the official as saying.

The North Korean government is still secretive, but it has been reported that the country has spent about $400m on a new satellite.

The country’s military is estimated to have about 300,000 troops, including up to a million men and women.

A former senior North Korean diplomat told Reuters that the new leader of Pyongyang’s ruling party is a “strong and strong-minded” person who will be able to tackle the problems facing the country.

“The fact that she is an outstanding leader with her own views, she is a leader who is not afraid to talk to people, who is willing to fight for her country and its people, and who is a good communicator,” he said.