BJP to hold parliamentary election in Karnataka

BJP MP Gopal Subramanian will contest the Karnataka parliamentary elections in 2019 with his own party, according to a BJP press release.

Subramanian, who was born in Madhya Pradesh and raised in the coastal city of Kanpur, will contest in the district of Tirupati.

He will be joined by his party’s president Sangeeta Jadhav.

The alliance is expected to be the largest in Karnad’s history, with the two parties vying for the seats of three seats each.

The Congress, which has fielded its own candidate in the recent Lok Sabha polls, has fielded two candidates for the five-seat constituency.

The BJP has fielded a total of five candidates in the two seats it has contested since January 1, 2019.

The party has fielded six candidates for each of the four seats it held since April last year.

The state has been witnessing a spate of violent protests in recent months, which the BJP blames on the opposition.

The Congress has fielded the state’s chief minister in the last two Lok Sabha elections and in the 2014 assembly polls.

The BJP has traditionally fielded the Chief Minister in the Assembly elections.

The Election Commission of India has announced the results of the general elections and has said that the party has secured over 2.1 million votes.