When ‘white people’ are accused of killing black people, they can still get away with it

When white people are accused by the black community of killing people of color, they are accused, rightly or wrongly, of being the racists who caused the problem in the first place. 

I have been accused of calling for the murder of black people by a white person myself, and it has never occurred to me that a white man might have been the one who killed me. 

In the United States, white people face a disproportionate number of lynchings, gang rapes, and other forms of racist violence, and there is a strong presumption that any person who accuses a white male of the crime is lying. 

For some, however, this presumption is misplaced, as it allows them to maintain that they are innocent, and can even avoid charges of racist harassment. 

This is why I have been calling for a national discussion about race relations. 

There is a deep-rooted problem in our society, and the white supremacist movement has no legitimate political power. 

It is not that white people don’t have power in this country. 

The problem is that many people have a pathological need to believe that they have a right to have power over black people. 

Some white people will say that they simply don’t care what happens to black people in America, because they have never experienced racism themselves. 

But the truth is, they have experienced racist harassment, and racism is a form of racism. 

If you are a white supremacist, there is no excuse for racism.

Oregon’s governor faces impeachment trial

The Oregonian/OregonLive (OregonLive.com) — The U.S. House of Representatives is scheduled to vote Wednesday on a resolution declaring state lawmakers guilty of breaking the law.

The House is expected to pass the resolution, which requires a two-thirds vote to impeach lawmakers, as early as this week, after a committee of lawmakers voted 8-0 to support the measure in December.

The resolution was passed by the House Judiciary Committee in March and sent to the House floor this month.

The resolution, dubbed “A Better Oregon, A Better Nation,” states that lawmakers in Washington, D.C., have been convicted of corruption, theft, and racketeering.

The bill is supported by the National Governors Association, which is pushing for the impeachment process to be put to a public vote, with a target date of July 31.

The governor’s office, meanwhile, said the resolution would not affect the state’s fiscal health.

The measure is similar to one proposed in Washington state in 2016 and supported by President Donald Trump, which was ultimately vetoed by Gov.

Jay Inslee.

‘You will not see a baby in a car’: Woman dies in car accident

DUNYA, Kenya — A pregnant woman who died in a traffic accident in northeastern Kenya was the mother of two babies.

The woman was driving in central Donya province when she hit a tractor-trailer, killing her husband and the woman’s 4-year-old son.

A preliminary autopsy showed the woman died of blunt force trauma.

The accident occurred on Thursday, the day before the anniversary of Kenya’s independence from British colonial rule.

The accident took place at around 8:20 p.m. local time (2:20 a.m., Wednesday), when the woman was traveling along the highway south of the city of Donyab.

She was carrying her two-month-old baby, a girl named Nelana, who was not injured, and a third baby, named Moko, who had minor injuries.

The woman’s husband, the head of the village council in Donyan, said the wife was killed after the tractor-tractor she was driving went off the road and hit the tractor trailer.

“She was going too fast, so the tractor was thrown off the highway,” said the village’s mayor, Monye.

Moko was later taken to hospital in Nairobi, where he died on Sunday, the local medical office said.

There were no witnesses, and the family is being questioned.

Authorities said the accident happened when the tractor fell off the roadway at the edge of the road, hitting the road.

The tractor-mobile, which was being used for farming, was thrown from the road to the side, the mayor said.

Spanish newspaper cartoonist is in hospital after falling victim to a fall

Spanish newspaper newspaper cartoonists Eduardo Ceballos and Carlos de Almeida have both been hospitalised after falling from a building in Madrid.

Spanish newspaper El País said in a tweet that the two artists had fallen from the top floor of the building in the city centre late on Thursday evening.

The cartoonists were reported to be working at a print shop in the same building as the falling victims.

El Pais said it was unclear how long the two were trapped and how the falling artists suffered injuries.

They were reported in stable condition at a hospital.

Spain has been in a state of emergency since the start of the year after the country’s largest ever violent terrorist attack.

The government says there are no known links between the attackers and the Islamic State group.