Fort Wayne police seek arrest after a man allegedly tried to shoot police

The Fort Wayne Police Department is seeking an arrest for a man who allegedly attempted to fire a handgun at police during a traffic stop at the intersection of Fort Wayne Road and Highway 99 on Friday.

The Fort Wardens are conducting a joint investigation into the incident.

The incident is still under investigation.

Police say the incident happened at about 5:30pm when a vehicle pulled alongside a vehicle carrying two people who had been issued a traffic ticket.

A man allegedly pulled out a handgun and started firing at police, police said.

“This man was in no way responsible for the shooting,” Sgt. Ryan Krumhofer said.

“He did nothing wrong, and he’s certainly not someone we should be getting involved with in this type of way.”

The driver of the car fled the scene on foot.

Krumhauer said there were no injuries in the shooting.

“It does look like there were several people involved, and we’re working with police on the details to try and determine if there were any injuries,” he said.

The Fort Warden’s investigation is continuing and they are requesting the public’s help in identifying the suspect.

You can read the full story here.

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How did Denver’s Republican mayor win re-election?

The Republican mayor of Denver, Michael Hancock, was a strong and well-respected figure in the city for more than a decade.

In 2016, he won re-electing Denver’s first-ever black mayor, Joe Francis, after years of running against the city’s African-American population.

Hancock’s election was hailed as a sign of the city growing up and getting back on its feet, with some saying it was an early sign that a major city in the country was beginning to turn its fortunes around.

But it also prompted a new question: If Hancock won, did that mean the Denver Broncos were heading to the Super Bowl?

It turns out, yes.

The Denver Post, which first reported the story, was unable to find any evidence that Hancock won re-’cause Denver hasn’t played in a Super Bowl in more than 30 years.

So who is the mayor who won re ’18?

The Post has the story and the answers.

In the post, the newspaper notes that Hancock ran as a Democrat in 2014 and again in 2016, and said he was a “firm supporter of a comprehensive, comprehensive, inclusive strategy” for tackling the nation’s gun violence crisis.

The Post notes that while Hancock was elected mayor in 2018, he didn’t win re ’17 and didn’t run for re-elected in 2018.

He also didn’t re-enter the race again in 2018 and ’20, even though he was still considered a frontrunner.

The post also says that the Democratic Party had not endorsed him for reëlection because the party was in a state of disarray after the death of former Mayor Greg Nickels, who led Denver from 2004 to 2018.

“There’s no doubt that Denver was a better city under his leadership than it was under Mayor Francis,” Hancock said in a statement.

“The city of Denver has had some difficult moments in recent years, but I believe it’s time to move on.”

And he did, winning re-attorney general by a big margin, defeating incumbent David Stapleton.

But the Post notes Hancock was also reelected to a second term in 2020, but was then forced out of office when the Denver Police Chief’s resignation prompted the resignation of the chief of staff.

He’s since returned to politics, but the Post says that his office “will be looking to recruit a new executive director for the next fiscal year.”

Hancock also was reelected for a third term in 2024, but his re-initiative on homelessness was unsuccessful.

And he’s been a fierce opponent of gun control legislation, calling it a “war on law-abiding gun owners” in his reënactment of an attack on a Denver police officer.

In his reelection speech, Hancock said, “The last time we held a major legislative body in a bipartisan way, we failed.”

He said the Denver city council was “more divided than we’ve ever been” after the passage of an ordinance in 2017 that mandated background checks for all gun sales.

He said he’s “not the gun control crusader” that some people think of him as.

“If I had been a Republican mayor in the ’90s, I would have taken the guns away,” Hancock added.

We were so happy when the news broke that Tampa had agreed to accept an all-digital platform. Now we have to wait until all the papers on the ground are all digitized

The Tampa Bay Times had a full day to write a full article about a possible all-Digital Tampa Tribune.

The Times had to write about the news about the TBI and the decision of Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn and other Tampa leaders to allow all the newspapers to be digitalized.

It also had to talk about the city’s digital future. 

The Tampa Tribune has been a digital newsroom since 2010, when the newspaper changed its name from the Tampa Tribune to Tampa News & Views to avoid confusion with a similar publication in St. Petersburg. 

There were a lot of good stories on that, including a great article about the recent flood.

And a few others.

But there were also a lot more stories about the lack of digital presence, and how the Tribune is struggling to compete in the digital space. 

Tampa Mayor Bob Burchhorn (left) talks to the media during the press conference announcing the all-online Tampa Tribune in 2015. 

“We’ve always had digital in our print department, and we’ve always got digital in the newsroom, but we’re not at the point where we can compete with the other papers,” Burchhan told reporters on Thursday. 

When the Tribune’s digital platform was announced, the city had to get permission from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) to use it for their newsroom.

But Burchhans administration has had the authority to use the TBS platform for years, and that has not been granted. 

This is the first time the Tampa Mayor has had to make the decision on whether to allow the all digital platform. 

On Thursday, Tampa City Councilor Brian McKeon, who represents the city on the City Council, said he was “thrilled” to hear the news.

He called the announcement a “big win for the Tampa community” and a sign that “the Tampa community is finally moving in the right direction.”

“The Tribune will bring unprecedented access to all Tampa residents and all Tampa businesses, enabling the publication of quality, unbiased, accurate, up-to-date news that can affect our community,” he said. 

But other cities are seeing the benefits as well. 

In May, the Tampa Bay News-Journal reported that a local paper in Atlanta was accepting all digital content, including news, video and audio.

The newspaper in Georgia also has digital outlets. 

Last year, the Boston Globe, the largest paper in the city, announced it was joining the Tampa’s all- digital platform, and it was only last month that the city also added a digital voice to the Times of Tampa. 

However, some people are still concerned about the new technology and the potential impact it might have on the newspaper business.

The Tampa Sun has been digital since 2011, but its new digital voice has not yet been available to the public.

A representative from the paper said it would not comment on the news regarding the decision.

For now, there are some positives for the paper.

For one, it will have a digital version of the Times paper, as well as the Tampa Express-News, the local paper. 

While there are many other local newspapers that have moved to all digital, the paper is the only one that has the Tampa Times.

That may be a positive, but it also raises questions about the newspaper’s future.

The Tampa Times is one of the last newspapers in the state that will be all digital.

But it will also be the last paper in Florida to have a traditional print edition, the Times Herald.

The paper had been printed in its current paper format, which was digital, for decades.

The Tampa Times will continue to print the paper in its old format, but will no longer be available online.

The Times Herald will be replaced by a digital edition, called the Tampa Digital Times, which will also have a newsstand.

It will have the same technology as the Times newspaper, but be free of the paper’s traditional features. 

If Tampa is not able to get the digital edition to the all newspapers, it may be the first paper in all of Florida to do so. 

Read more about the Tampa paper, the digital version, and all digital platforms.