How to make a Bolivian banana peel that’s worth it

The most popular ingredient in banana peel is sugar.

And that’s why many Venezuelans are now trying to recreate the classic peel in the country’s own version of the classic, Boliviana’s iconic banana peel.

But they’re not without problems.

As the BBC reports, the Bolivians are struggling to find a substitute.

The government has asked that people try to create a banana peel by hand and has promised a special programme for the masses to give it a try.

But with a growing demand for traditional food in Venezuela, that programme has proved a huge challenge for the government.

According to the BBC, one of the main problems is that the Bolivan people don’t know how to make their own peel.

They’ve been using sugar since the 18th century.

They call it lugar.

They have a big factory that makes lugar, but no one can make lugar themselves.

So people are trying to make homemade lugar and trying to find out how to get the sugar right.

The BBC reports that the government is even asking people to do the work themselves.

There are no official figures for the number of people trying to create the Boliviaan banana peel, but it’s likely that there are around 10,000 people working on this particular project.

One person working on the project, Daniel García, says he hopes that his homemade lupa will be good enough to make people want to eat the peel.

It will be the first time Venezuelans have had a traditional banana peel made in their own country.

He told the BBC that the peel will look very different to the one he’s used for years.

And he hopes to get it to people’s plates in a year or two.

He also hopes that the lupas will be able to withstand the heat and humidity.

He said he has used the lugar from his factory before, but this is his first attempt at creating a banana.

He hopes that with his experience, the rest of the world will follow his lead and make lupans.