‘Busted newspaper’: ‘I can’t believe I’ve been caught in a paedophile ring’

“I’m not a paedo, I’m not in the world of child pornography,” the 31-year-old told police.

“I’ve never been involved in anything like that before.”

The detective asked Mr Mcpheron whether he would like to tell police about the events that took place in the home where he was living with his wife and child.

He replied: “Yeah, I can tell you that I’m innocent of it.”

Mr Mcpheson was arrested on Tuesday and charged with eight offences including rape, incest, child cruelty, and a string of indecent assaults.

He told police he did not know the name of the person he had been raping or the victim.

He has been remanded in custody while his case is heard by magistrates.

Why it took nearly two years for the FBI to bust the largest marijuana trafficking ring in the U.S.

By Matt ApuzzoPublished Mar 07, 2018 12:24:59A Florida man who had more than 2,000 pounds of marijuana hidden in his car was busted Thursday in a massive bust that involved more than a dozen federal, state and local law enforcement agencies.

The arrest of Jeffrey J. McPherson, 41, of Florida, in connection with the investigation, a day after authorities announced the arrest of another man in connection to the operation, came less than two years after the FBI arrested and charged two men in a case of the largest drug trafficking ring to date in the United States.

The federal drug task force made the arrest Thursday after the Florida Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) and the Orange County Sheriff’s Office (OCSO) arrested McPterson and charged him with possessing and distributing more than 600 pounds of a highly potent marijuana strain known as “Stingray” in a warehouse near Lake Wales, the DEA said.

McParters charges come amid a nationwide crackdown on marijuana distribution.

The operation, dubbed the largest organized drug trafficking operation in U.T.oland said it was conducted by agents of the DEA, U.N. narcotics agency and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE).

It also was coordinated by the DEA and OCSO, he said.

“The sting operation involved more U. S. law enforcement and U. T. law enforcers than any other law enforcement operation in the history of the U,T.,” Rolando said.

“These agents took a big risk, knowing that if this one failed, this operation would not succeed.

The arrests come as Florida lawmakers are considering a bill that would make it illegal to grow, distribute or possess marijuana in the state.

The bill was introduced in the Florida Legislature last week by Rep. John C. Davenport, R-St. Petersburg.

The U.A.E. has grown in popularity in recent years.

A 2012 study found that more than 70% of adults in the nation now use marijuana.

A 2017 Gallup poll found that 51% of Americans believe marijuana should be legalized.

The survey was conducted Jan. 16-20.

In addition to McPters arrest, authorities in the State of Florida arrested eight men and a woman in connection this week with the operation.

Authorities in Palm Beach County and other Florida cities arrested two other men and two women in connection.

The men and women were being held without bond.

A search warrant for McPhers home was executed by a deputy sheriff’s deputy in the city of Tampa.

Authorities have not disclosed the amount of marijuana seized.

A source close to the investigation told the Miami Herald that the men arrested Thursday were working for the Ute Indian Tribe, which has a relationship with McPhedson.”

I have never, ever had any contact with anyone that would be in violation of any laws or any rules or anything,” McPhentson said.

A source close to the investigation told the Miami Herald that the men arrested Thursday were working for the Ute Indian Tribe, which has a relationship with McPhedson.

The DEA declined to comment on the arrest, citing the ongoing investigation.

We were so happy when the news broke that Tampa had agreed to accept an all-digital platform. Now we have to wait until all the papers on the ground are all digitized

The Tampa Bay Times had a full day to write a full article about a possible all-Digital Tampa Tribune.

The Times had to write about the news about the TBI and the decision of Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn and other Tampa leaders to allow all the newspapers to be digitalized.

It also had to talk about the city’s digital future. 

The Tampa Tribune has been a digital newsroom since 2010, when the newspaper changed its name from the Tampa Tribune to Tampa News & Views to avoid confusion with a similar publication in St. Petersburg. 

There were a lot of good stories on that, including a great article about the recent flood.

And a few others.

But there were also a lot more stories about the lack of digital presence, and how the Tribune is struggling to compete in the digital space. 

Tampa Mayor Bob Burchhorn (left) talks to the media during the press conference announcing the all-online Tampa Tribune in 2015. 

“We’ve always had digital in our print department, and we’ve always got digital in the newsroom, but we’re not at the point where we can compete with the other papers,” Burchhan told reporters on Thursday. 

When the Tribune’s digital platform was announced, the city had to get permission from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) to use it for their newsroom.

But Burchhans administration has had the authority to use the TBS platform for years, and that has not been granted. 

This is the first time the Tampa Mayor has had to make the decision on whether to allow the all digital platform. 

On Thursday, Tampa City Councilor Brian McKeon, who represents the city on the City Council, said he was “thrilled” to hear the news.

He called the announcement a “big win for the Tampa community” and a sign that “the Tampa community is finally moving in the right direction.”

“The Tribune will bring unprecedented access to all Tampa residents and all Tampa businesses, enabling the publication of quality, unbiased, accurate, up-to-date news that can affect our community,” he said. 

But other cities are seeing the benefits as well. 

In May, the Tampa Bay News-Journal reported that a local paper in Atlanta was accepting all digital content, including news, video and audio.

The newspaper in Georgia also has digital outlets. 

Last year, the Boston Globe, the largest paper in the city, announced it was joining the Tampa’s all- digital platform, and it was only last month that the city also added a digital voice to the Times of Tampa. 

However, some people are still concerned about the new technology and the potential impact it might have on the newspaper business.

The Tampa Sun has been digital since 2011, but its new digital voice has not yet been available to the public.

A representative from the paper said it would not comment on the news regarding the decision.

For now, there are some positives for the paper.

For one, it will have a digital version of the Times paper, as well as the Tampa Express-News, the local paper. 

While there are many other local newspapers that have moved to all digital, the paper is the only one that has the Tampa Times.

That may be a positive, but it also raises questions about the newspaper’s future.

The Tampa Times is one of the last newspapers in the state that will be all digital.

But it will also be the last paper in Florida to have a traditional print edition, the Times Herald.

The paper had been printed in its current paper format, which was digital, for decades.

The Tampa Times will continue to print the paper in its old format, but will no longer be available online.

The Times Herald will be replaced by a digital edition, called the Tampa Digital Times, which will also have a newsstand.

It will have the same technology as the Times newspaper, but be free of the paper’s traditional features. 

If Tampa is not able to get the digital edition to the all newspapers, it may be the first paper in all of Florida to do so. 

Read more about the Tampa paper, the digital version, and all digital platforms.

Which presidential candidate was more pro-life than Ted Cruz?

The Washington Post’s David Nakamura and Adam Kredo report: “The GOP field has become the GOP for the pro-choice side, but Cruz has found himself at the center of an increasingly vocal abortion-rights movement.

Cruz has been one of the most vocal opponents of the health care law that the Trump administration is now trying to undo.

The senator also has criticized the administration for its handling of the refugee crisis.

Cruz has said he has no regrets about voting for the bill.”

The Post’s Chris Cillizza and Chris Cihak discuss the latest news and analysis from the nation’s capital.

Cruz was one of only four GOP senators to vote against the legislation, while fellow Cruz-supporting Sens.

Lindsey Graham (S.C.) and John McCain (Ariz.) voted for it.

Cruz, the junior U.S. senator from Texas, had been in a position to push the bill through the Senate, but he instead voted against it, citing the need to address the nations “crisis of illegal immigration.”

As president, Cruz will oversee the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, and as such will likely have a hand in drafting its replacement, which he hopes will be ready to be signed into law before President Donald Trump takes office next month.

The bill is expected to face a significant uphill climb in Congress, which could lead to it losing some support in the months ahead.

On Monday, the bill was pulled from the Senate floor after Cruz told CNN that he was unsure how much money the legislation would raise and added that he expected the bill would cost $100 billion.

He told CNN’s Jake Tapper that he wanted the bill to pass with bipartisan support in order to help the uninsured and those with preexisting conditions.

“We are trying to make sure that we can take care of all of our people,” Cruz said.

“If we can pass the Affordable Health Care Act in a bipartisan way, I think we’ll be able to do that.”

Cruz is also a staunch supporter of the religious freedom bill, which is now known as the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, that critics say gives corporations the right to deny services to gay people and others on religious grounds.

Cruz said that if he was president, he would not allow the federal government to “allow corporations to deny the right of anyone to be able be born.”

“We want to be very clear that we have a law that protects religious freedom,” Cruz told Tapper.

“I do not believe that the federal governments power should be used to interfere in the private lives of the people of this country.”

The New York Times reported that Cruz is a supporter of marriage equality, but added that his views have evolved over time, saying, “Cruz has long opposed marriage equality.

But as the years have passed, he has evolved his position to include same-sex marriage.

In his own words, ‘We’re not going to allow the government to tell people what to do.'”

In his speech on the Senate Floor, Cruz said, “I want to make it very clear to the American people that I have changed my position on this issue.”

Cruz said he believes “we should not be burdening the conscience of Americans with burdensome regulations that limit their ability to make their own personal choices.”

“I believe in the power of the market,” Cruz added.

“The market is not perfect, and it is not the place for government intrusion.

But I believe that our Constitution provides a framework that allows us to create an environment that is free of government interference and where our government can exercise its role as a beacon of hope for the citizens of this nation.”

Cruz’s statement, “we’re not talking about religious freedom here, we’re talking about the free market,” came in response to a question about the Republican presidential nominee’s stance on marriage equality from Sen. Joni Ernst (R-Iowa), who has said that she believes “marriage equality is a choice.”

“He wants to be the president of the United States, he’s the nominee for the Republican Party, so I think it is incumbent on me to give a clear answer to that,” Ernst said.

Ernst was asked by CNN’s Wolf Blitzer if she would support Cruz as president if he were to be elected president.

“He has the support of my husband, and I support his campaign,” Ernst told Blitzer.

“But I have said that marriage equality is an issue for the people to decide.”

Ernst’s comments came as her husband, Sen. Rob Portman (R, Ohio), and other Republican senators and House Speaker Paul Ryan (R., Wis.) also issued statements supporting Cruz.

The senators’ statements come as more than 1,000 Republican senators have come out against the health-care bill that Cruz has voted for.

On Sunday, Sen, John McCain, R-Ariz., said he is not supporting the GOP nominee because he opposes “gay marriage.” “That’s

What to watch for in the AL West playoff race

Minnesota’s Twins, Arizona’s Diamondbacks, and Houston’s Astros are the AL East’s three wild-card teams, and all three teams are in position to claim their first postseason berth in nearly a decade.

But the three AL West teams have been largely invisible this postseason.

As a result, the wild-cards are being overshadowed by a handful of teams who have been more dominant in recent years.

The Los Angeles Dodgers, for example, have won eight straight playoff games and have the best record in the NL.

Meanwhile, the New York Yankees have won nine straight games and are in a tie for second place with the Chicago Cubs, who have won the last two World Series.

The San Francisco Giants, meanwhile, have gone 21-9 since the start of the year and have a .500 record and an NL-best 10-5 record in their last 13 games.

The New York Mets are in fourth place in the division, and they have won three of their last four games.

However, they have only a .286 winning percentage in their past seven games.

These three teams have lost four of their past five games and will play a playoff series in a division with the Dodgers, Yankees, and Giants.

What to look for in each wild-Card game?

The Yankees are in first place, which means they have the advantage of being in first position in the standings and therefore have more chances of winning the wild cards.

But that also means they need to be better than their record would suggest.

The team that loses its final two games of the regular season is eliminated from postseason contention.

For the Yankees, that means they can start their season by playing better baseball.

But even if they lose their final two, they still need to win their remaining seven games and they can still have a chance to win the AL wild-catchers.

So the Yankees need to play better baseball and start the season on a winning note, but they need help to do that.

The Dodgers are in third place, meaning they are not a wild-cats, but a wild team with a losing record.

The best teams in the league have won six of their seven games, which makes them a very strong team.

So they need some help, especially since they need at least a win to guarantee themselves a wild card.

The Yankees need a win in six of the next seven games to be sure of a wild spot, but the Dodgers are one game behind.

That makes it tough for the Dodgers to win on their own.

The Giants are in fifth place, and their record is the worst in the American League.

The worst teams in baseball have lost five of their six games and the Giants have the worst record in baseball.

So, the Giants can win the NL East and potentially the division.

But, the team with the worst records needs to be the most competitive, and that means winning a lot of games.

What is a winning record?

The best team in the majors wins by an average of 1.6 wins per 162 games.

That means teams that are 1.5 wins better in the past five seasons have won 8.2 more games than teams that have been 1.0 wins worse.

So a 1.9-win improvement is a great thing.

But a 1-win decline is also a great accomplishment.

The Mets are one of the best teams ever, but their record of 4-16 is actually the worst mark in baseball since 1946.

The next best team is the 1986 Washington Senators, who won 6-16.

The Astros are one win away from winning the AL Central and will face the division-leading Dodgers in the wild card game, but that is not enough to guarantee a playoff spot.

The Angels are another team that is just a bit better than average, but is not quite as good as the Mets or Giants.

The Mariners are a little better than good, but not great.

The Rays are also a bit worse than average and should still have enough to get a wild Card spot.

What does this mean for the NL West?

This is the second wild-round series this year, and the AL and NL West teams will play each other for a spot in the postseason.

The teams in this series will face each other in the final two rounds of the playoffs.

The wild-bowling portion of the AL Wild Card Series will take place Thursday, and then the wild game will take a place in October.

The NL Wild Card series will take the field in October and the wild contest will be played in late November.

What if I need help with my favorite team?

Check out these playoff odds sites.

NL Wild Cards odds sites: wagner sportsbook,wildcard.com,wildcards.nba.com NL Wild Tickets odds sites : wildfantasy.com , wildcards.com .

NL wild tickets sites: tickets.nascar.com/wildwildcards NL Wild Cardinals odds sites – wildcards

U.S. stocks climb amid news of probe into Pakistani ISI

NEW YORK — U.S., U.K. stocks climbed as a new wave of news about the Pakistani government’s suspected role in the November 15 terror attacks on U.R.E. and the U.N. began to surface.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 2.6% on Friday to 23,735.

The S&P 500 rose 1.3% to 2,965.

The Nasdaq Composite rose 3.1% to 4,929.

The U.T.O. index jumped 7.5% to 9,569.

The European composite rose 2% to 5,931.

The S&P 500 is up 7.2% to 3,636.

The Dow is up 2%.

The Nasdaq is up 5.7% to 16,086.

The Russell 2000 is up 6.7%.

The Dow is down 0.3%.

The SAC is up 0.1%.

The Russell 2000 lost 3.5%.

The FTSE is up 1.4%.

The SPX is up 4.7%, the Nasdaq 500 is down 4.2%.

The WTI is up 16.3%, the S&p 500 is back up 11.5%, the Russell 2000 has jumped 18.4%, the Dow is back 8.9%, the FTSe is up 15.4% and the Nasional is up 14.1.

The Bloomberg terminal provides U..

S.-dollar and international trade data.

Bloomberg terminals, which are located at the U-T San Diego terminal and the New York Stock Exchange, provide international trading data for U.U. markets.

Bloomberg is a unit of Bloomberg LP, which has more than 500 businesses in more than 130 countries.

Bloomberg news services include Bloomberg Markets, Bloomberg Business, Bloomberg TV, Bloomberg Markets Tonight, Bloomberg Radio, Bloomberg Tech, Bloomberg Live, Bloomberg Sport, Bloomberg Sports, Bloomberg Video, Bloomberg Videos, Bloomberg Health, Bloomberg Life, Bloomberg Weather, Bloomberg World, Bloomberg News, Bloomberg Digital, Bloomberg Food, Bloomberg Marketplace, Bloomberg Travel, Bloomberg Local, Bloomberg Money, Bloomberg Finance, Bloomberg Investment, Bloomberg Real Estate, Bloomberg Invest, Bloomberg MarketWatch, Bloomberg Trade, Bloomberg Capital, Bloomberg Daily, Bloomberg Politics, Bloomberg Financials, Bloomberg Economy, Bloomberg Homepage, Bloomberg Consumer, Bloomberg Energy, Bloomberg Stock, Bloomberg Global, Bloomberg Technology, Bloomberg Education, Bloomberg Jobs, Bloomberg Power, Bloomberg Future, Bloomberg Smart, Bloomberg Social, Bloomberg Healthcare, Bloomberg Media, Bloomberg Wall Street, Bloomberg Automotive, Bloomberg Mortgage, Bloomberg Entertainment, Bloomberg Auto, Bloomberg Electronics, Bloomberg Music, Bloomberg Pictures, Bloomberg Movies, Bloomberg Kids, Bloomberg Books, Bloomberg Comedy, Bloomberg Science, Bloomberg College, Bloomberg Pets, Bloomberg Arts, Bloomberg Games, Bloomberg Magazine, Bloomberg Fairs, Bloomberg Transportation, Bloomberg Racing, Bloomberg Motorcycle, Bloomberg Tennis, Bloomberg Golf, Bloomberg Soccer, Bloomberg NBA, Bloomberg Baseball, Bloomberg Hockey, Bloomberg NFL, Bloomberg MLB, Bloomberg Football, Bloomberg Entrepreneurship, Bloomberg Fashion, Bloomberg Gambling, Bloomberg Family Magazine, CBS Sports, CNN, CNN International, CBS News, CNN Money, CNN World, CNBC, CNBC Global, CNBC Live, CNBC Worldwide, CNBC Sports, CNBC Video, CNBC Talk, CNBC TV, CNBC Travel, CNBC World, CNN Travel, CNN News, CNBC U.P., CNN News Now, CNN Tech, CNN Health, CNN Business, CNN National, CNN Politics, CNN Science, CNN Sports, CBS Money, CNBC Weather, CNBC Technology, CNN Weather, CNN Technology News, Fox News, FNC, FOX Sports 1, FOX News Live, FOX Business, Fox Sports 2, Fox Business Live, Fox Broadcasting Company, Fox Search, Fox Talk, Fox Trade, Fox Travel, Fox Trending, Fox World, GMA News, GQ, GSN, Google, H&amp%T, iHeartRadio, Interscope Records, Kazaa, Lyrics Born, LG Electronics, LG Video, Mac, Motorola, McDonalds, Micromax, Microsoft, Nokia, OpenTable, OpenStreetMap, Pandora, Porsche, Samsung, Sprint, Tesla, The Weather Channel, Verizon, Verizon Wireless, Vimeo, WTTW, YouTube, Yahoo!

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When ‘white people’ are accused of killing black people, they can still get away with it

When white people are accused by the black community of killing people of color, they are accused, rightly or wrongly, of being the racists who caused the problem in the first place. 

I have been accused of calling for the murder of black people by a white person myself, and it has never occurred to me that a white man might have been the one who killed me. 

In the United States, white people face a disproportionate number of lynchings, gang rapes, and other forms of racist violence, and there is a strong presumption that any person who accuses a white male of the crime is lying. 

For some, however, this presumption is misplaced, as it allows them to maintain that they are innocent, and can even avoid charges of racist harassment. 

This is why I have been calling for a national discussion about race relations. 

There is a deep-rooted problem in our society, and the white supremacist movement has no legitimate political power. 

It is not that white people don’t have power in this country. 

The problem is that many people have a pathological need to believe that they have a right to have power over black people. 

Some white people will say that they simply don’t care what happens to black people in America, because they have never experienced racism themselves. 

But the truth is, they have experienced racist harassment, and racism is a form of racism. 

If you are a white supremacist, there is no excuse for racism.

Albanian media watchdog slams Albanian media for ‘media bias’

A newly created media watchdog has accused Albanian news outlets of “media bias” in an editorial published in Albanian newspaper “Prava” Wednesday, in a move that critics say is part of a trend of the government to censor and silence opposition voices.

The editorial, published in the Albanian-language newspaper, was penned by Adriana Baje, a veteran reporter for the country’s top news agency, the Albanias State News Agency, who served as the countrys chief information officer for several years before being promoted to a position with the state broadcaster, Albania Radio.

Baje said she was outraged that “a government department that is supposed to monitor the media” had published an editorial criticizing the country, calling the decision “unfortunate” and calling for the resignation of the editor of the newspaper, who she said had “not done a good job.”

She said the editorial was not about the role of the Albanians National Assembly, which oversees the country and which is largely made up of Albanian politicians.

Instead, it was a thinly veiled attack on the new media watchdog, called the Commission for the Protection of the Right to Information, that has been established by the Albania government to combat a wave of censorship that began in 2017.

Babak Pashos, a member of the commission, said the new watchdog, which has been working since October, would “fight against any attempts by the state and the authorities to distort the truth in the media,” calling the editorial “unprecedented.”

“It’s an example of what the Albanese are capable of, of not being afraid of the media, which is a very important element in the country,” Pashot said.

Pashot is also an adviser to the Prime Minister’s Office, which recently launched a campaign to educate the country on its media laws and regulations.

He said that if the government wants to get the country back on track, it must focus on the media and not the other areas where it is not well-connected to the rest of society.

“The country needs a government that is responsive to the needs of the people, and not just the needs that are being dictated to it by its political elites,” he said.

“The media is one of the tools of democracy, not the state.”

Pashos said he would not be surprised if the commission is soon called upon to investigate a number of cases of alleged media bias.

“I am very certain that it will come up with a number and I am sure it will be a very difficult investigation,” he told Al Jazeera.

Baja, which translates to “city of news,” is located on the border with Turkey, and is about 100 kilometers (60 miles) northwest of Tirana, the capital of Albania.

The capital, Tirana is also home to the countryís most important airport.

Baba is a city of about 1 million people in a region where ethnic Albanians make up around 15 percent of the population.

The majority of Albanians live in the north of the country where Pashots ethnic Albanian minority has been living since the 1980s.

The country has a rich history and tradition of ethnic Albanias culture, but has experienced the decline of their population in recent decades.

In 2016, about 1.2 million Albanians, or 10 percent of its population, left the country.

Pashottos is a vocal critic of the Balkan countries’ policies on migration and refugees, who have caused tensions between Albanian and Balkan Albanians in the past.

Why did the New York Times become the leader newspaper in Europe?

The New York TIMES has become the most-read newspaper in the European Union, and it is no surprise that the Times’ readership is so high.

According to the European Commission, the Times is the third most-used daily newspaper in European countries.

It is a fact that newspapers in many countries publish opinion pieces.

The Times is also the second most-visited daily newspaper, with more than 1.7 billion unique visitors per month.

The paper’s circulation of over one billion is more than the average daily circulation of newspapers in Germany, France, Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

The article titled Why did NYT become the EU leader newspaper?

article As a leader newspaper, the New England Patriots, a team in the New Jersey Super Bowl, has a higher circulation than the Times.

It has about 752,000 readers in the United states, which is almost double the Times circulation.

The newspaper also has a greater influence in the news industry.

The United States is the largest newspaper market in the world, and New England has a large readership, especially among young people.

The number of readers of the Times has more than doubled since 2002, from 3.2 million to 6.2,000, and in the last decade, its readership has risen by nearly 50 percent.

The news outlets are also important in shaping opinions in other countries.

The New England Times, for example, has been the most frequently cited news source in the UK, Italy and Germany, which have a combined 1.6 million, 2.5 million, and 3 million readers respectively.

The French daily Le Figaro has a circulation of almost one million readers in France, which makes it the third-most-used news source after the Times and Guardian.

The Irish Times is in fourth place in the country, with 1.3 million readers, followed by the Guardian and Times.

The Dutch daily De Telegraaf, the Netherlands’ second-most visited news source, has 3.5 times the readership of the New Yorker.

The most popular daily newspaper is the Italian daily Corriere della Sera, which has more readers than any other publication in the EU.

The Netherlands is also a leader in the field of journalism.

The country’s top newspaper, El País, is in the top 10 most-trusted newspapers in Europe, and many of the most popular media outlets in the Netherlands are based in the capital city, Amsterdam.

The leading weekly paper, La Repubblica, is the number one most-favoured newspaper in Spain, and has nearly one million subscribers.

The Italian daily La Repola is also in the number two spot in the region, and is one of the few media outlets that are based throughout Italy.

The Danish newspaper Aftenposten, the third top-rated daily newspaper globally, is also an important player in the media industry in the Nordic countries, as it is the second-largest newspaper in Denmark.

The German daily Der Spiegel, also in Germany and the number three most-trafficked publication in Europe is based in Munich, which attracts almost 300 million readers per month and has almost 4 million subscribers, which make it one of Europe’s top three most visited newspapers.

The largest daily newspaper circulation in Europe was the English-language edition of the Guardian newspaper, which had about 1.5 billion readers worldwide.

It was followed by The Times of London, which was followed closely by the Times of India, followed closely only by the Financial Times, and then by The Guardian, The Times and the Washington Post.

In terms of daily circulation, the UK is second in the continent, followed in third place by France.

The third-largest daily circulation in the USA was the daily circulation for The Wall Street Journal.

The top five daily newspapers in the US were the New Zealand Herald and the Sydney Morning Herald, followed with the United News of Europe and the Financial Express.

The best-selling daily newspaper on Amazon in the Europe was The Sunday Times of Denmark, which reached 2.2 billion readers in 2015.

The Sunday Post of the Netherlands was second with more people reading its daily newspapers, and The New Republic of Ireland was third.

In the US, the number-one best-seller on Amazon was the New Republic, followed only by The Washington Post and the Wall Street Post.

The Daily Mail in Australia was the number four best-sellers, followed to the right by The New Yorker, the Wall St Journal, and Newsweek.

In France, The New Statesman was number five, followed behind by Le Figolet and the Associated Press.

In Italy, The Sunday News and the Il Giornale were number six and number seven.

The three most popular European daily newspapers were the daily newspaper of Austria, Italy’s La Republika Srpska, and Germany’s Die Welt. In Russia

Fort Wayne police officer dies of heart attack at home

Fort Wayne, Indiana (AP) An Indiana police officer who was killed in a hit-and-run crash in Fort Wayne has been identified by police as the father of the two children killed in the incident.

Police say 31-year-old Fort Wayne officer Michael J. Williams, who was assigned to the Fort Wayne Police Department, was killed Monday afternoon.

The officer was pronounced dead at a local hospital at 3:07 p.m. in critical condition, according to police.

Fort Wayne Police Chief Greg Smith said Monday that Williams was a police officer for nine years, and that he had a son and daughter.

Williams is survived by his wife, Melissa, and two daughters, Olivia and Ashley, Smith said.