Why it is time to change the name of the day newspaper

It is now official.

The Daily Telegraph, the official daily newspaper of the state government, has changed its name from the “Daily Star” to “The Daily Tribune”.

It will be the first time a newspaper has changed the name since the name was created in 1770.

The name change comes as India’s biggest newspapers are facing growing competition from online news portals such as The Indian Express, the Times of Arabia, and Hindustan Times.

The changes have not gone down well with newspapers and online news portal users.

In fact, many have taken to social media to express their disappointment in the move.

The Daily Telegraph’s Facebook page has already been inundated with posts questioning the decision.

The newspaper has already started a petition on its website to change its name.

It’s a sad day for India’s newspapers, it is not our name to change, said Pramod Kumar, a resident of Vasant Vihar, a village in the district of Vellore, where the newspaper is located.

But we are very thankful that we will be able to keep our old name, which was very offensive to us.

The decision will hurt the poor and the disadvantaged more than it will hurt our newspapers, he said.

The newspapers are in a precarious position, given that many of them rely on a small circulation.

The Times of Pakistan, a Pakistan-based daily newspaper, has been running the Daily Star newspaper in the eastern Punjab region since 2003.

It has been trying to revive the name “Tribune” in recent years but has faced resistance from some quarters.