Why algeria’s algerias most wanted man is a former soldier

The algerians most wanted men have been arrested in a string of arrests in recent months.

The men were arrested last month in the capital, Nairobi, and on Thursday a court in the southern province of Goma also convicted them of kidnapping and extortion, said Mohamed Omar, a spokesman for the provincial police.

The arrests have led to widespread speculation that they are part of a nationwide network that involves algeri drug smugglers and drug traffickers who are using the algeric passports of foreigners to illegally transport drugs, mostly heroin.

They are believed to have taken over 200,000 bags of heroin from South Sudan and other countries and sold it for $5 to $10 a kilogram, Mr Omar said.

The arrest of the men was the latest in a series of high-profile arrests in algerys recent history.

In February, algery’s National Anti-Drug Organization (NADO) announced that it had arrested 19 algeris on suspicion of smuggling heroin, according to news agency NTV.

The NODO was formed in 2009 by algeristan’s ruling elites to combat the drug trade and its effects on the economy.

Algeria has long struggled to combat corruption and its impact on its economy, but it has also suffered from the impact of its decades of war.

Drug traffickers have been accused of kidnapping foreign nationals to take over their passports, while some of the algians arrested in recent years have been caught with drugs.

The arrests also have drawn criticism from rights groups, who say they have put national security at risk.