Children of war in Gaza: Families of killed children ask for answers

Parents of a child killed in a Gaza attack ask Israel for answers about the family’s fate.

They also demanded the release of their son, who was taken from them by Hamas militants and killed while fighting the Israeli army.

“I am asking for the release from Gaza of my son, I want him to be with me forever,” said the parents of Mohammed Shamsi, 17, who died during the second stage of the war in November.

Shamsi’s father, Mohammed Shama, a former commander of the Fatah movement, has not been heard from since.

Shama, who had been studying in Egypt, said he had not heard from his son for four days and was worried about him.

“If he goes, he will be in danger.

If he doesn’t go, he may be killed,” he said.

The parents of two other children who died in Gaza have not heard anything from their parents since the war ended on Nov. 15.

The Israeli military said on Sunday that it was taking the children back to their families.

The Palestinian Health Ministry did not respond to repeated requests for comment on the status of Shamsis sons.

Israel says it will use the same methods as the United States and the European Union when it launches military operations against Hamas.

It says it is acting in self-defense and is seeking international approval to attack Hamas.