What you need to know about the Zika outbreak

The Zika outbreak is spreading across the country and officials in the US are still unsure how many people are infected with the virus.

It is estimated that up to 1,600 Americans have been infected and that about 20,000 have recovered from the virus, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported Friday.

CNN’s Dana Bash interviewed the CDC Director Dr. Thomas Frieden and National Health Council Director Dr Michael Frieden.

Here’s what you need now: Who is the Zika virus?

What are the symptoms?

What can be done to protect yourself?

How do you know if you are infected?

What are the possible treatments?

What is the virus?

What should you do if you become infected?

How long does it take for symptoms to appear?

What do people do if they have symptoms?

How does the virus spread?

What types of testing are available?

How much is the cost of testing?

What tests are available in some areas?

Where is the biggest Zika outbreak?