What if Apple could use coupons to drive revenue?

AppleInsider.com article Apple’s $19 billion acquisition of Whole Foods Market could create a new revenue stream for the Cupertino, California, tech giant.

A new company called Whole Foods’ Apple Pay is already in beta testing in the U.S. and is now available to merchants across the country, but Whole Foods is just one of many tech companies looking to get into the payment space.

Some of the most exciting startups have jumped on the mobile payments bandwagon, including Square, Square Cash, Square Pay, and Square Mobi.

While Apple is still a relatively new tech company with a relatively small amount of cash, it’s been working on mobile payments for a while now.

And it’s not just a small company, either: Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak famously said in an interview with the New Yorker in 2011 that “Mobile money is a fad that will not die,” so it makes sense that Apple would try to capitalize on this trend.

That’s exactly what Whole Foods did with its first Apple Pay mobile app in March of this year, a beta version that let customers swipe their cards to make purchases.

Now that the app is available in more than 150 cities, many shoppers have been excited about what the app can do.

“When you go to Whole Foods, they’ll have a small sign in front of you that says ‘Pay Now.’

And you swipe it,” a user named Mark told The Verge in a phone call.

“It’s the same sign in your face that says, ‘Pay With Apple Pay.’

So when you go into the store, you have this very small display.”

The sign on the sign indicates that Whole Foods customers can swipe their Apple Pay cards to buy products or receive discounts on items.

The app even allows you to enter a PIN number and enter the code to complete the transaction.

Mark said he found this experience “pretty cool” and “really exciting,” because the app was just a “quick little thing” to use.

“We didn’t even have to know anything about the store to use it.

It was all intuitive and it was so quick,” he said.

Mark told us that he’s “really happy” with the new Apple Pay experience, especially because he can swipe his Apple Pay card to make a purchase at Whole Foods.

He said he’s also really happy with the way the app has evolved since its launch.

Mark’s experience isn’t the only one that’s been pretty positive.

After reviewing Whole Foods’s app, Whole Foods employees told us they’re “pretty happy” and that they can’t wait to see how the new app will help them in their daily lives.

“I love the way they’re approaching the customer experience,” a customer named Joe told The Daily Beast.

“The whole shopping experience is more seamless than ever before.”

In addition to being able to pay for items at Whole and make purchases at other stores, Whole is also offering discounts on groceries.

Whole Foods shoppers can get $5 off groceries at the grocery store, $10 off groceries from Whole Foods at a Target, and $15 off groceries with groceries at a Walmart.

And Whole Foods has also recently added coupons to its mobile app that allow shoppers to use coupons for $5, $15, or $25 off any item.

If Whole Foods becomes a major player in the payments space, its success could also give other tech companies an opportunity to take advantage of the new mobile payment trend.

“With Apple Pay, you can make payments on-the-go, you don’t have to buy an Apple device, you’re able to use whatever card you want to pay on,” said Mark.

“And so, the potential is enormous.”

“The future is mobile payments, and if you have the opportunity to make money from the sale of your groceries and things like that, I think Whole Foods could be a great way to take a look at that.”

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