‘I’m not scared of the Russians’: Romanian student defends his choice to leave Russia

Romanian university student Victor D’Agostino says he is “not scared of” the Russians, despite his decision to return to the country.

Speaking to the news agency ANSA, he said that he would like to return and be able to speak Romanian, but the restrictions imposed on him by his school prevented him from doing so.

The Romanian national is one of the few students to have been deported from the country by the Russian authorities.

The decision to leave has sparked widespread protests and calls for his release.

The student is from the university in the city of Liviu and has spent the past two years living in the former Soviet republic of Transnistria, a breakaway region of the former USSR that is now part of Belarus.

Romania’s ambassador to the US, Ioan Popescu, told the agency that he had received several requests from Romanian citizens who are concerned about their future.

The former foreign minister, Ion Luceanu, has been under pressure to allow Romania to return since his resignation last month, and the country’s prime minister has also been under intense pressure from the European Union to allow him to do so.