How to be independent in Pakistan

NEW DELHI: Pakistanis are getting fed up with being ignored, ignored by their governments, and mocked for their independence.

So the country’s new independent newspaper is asking Pakistanis if they’re proud of being independent.

The Pakistani Express, which was launched in December 2016, has a new editor in chief and has a different editorial philosophy from the countrys previous newspapers.

Its new editor, Shahid Ali, a political science graduate, is a member of the Pakistani Bar Association.

He will be replacing Shaukat Ahmed, who was Pakistan’s most respected independent journalist for more than three decades, and is also the president of the Pakistan Society of Journalists.

In a recent article titled ‘I want to be Pakistanis’ but don’t want to talk about Pakistan’, Ali wrote: ‘I am happy to be a Pakistani citizen, but I don’t feel like I am Pakistan.

I am not sure what I want to do with my life.

I want Pakistan to become a country for all, not just one for one group or one group for all.’

My goal is to be an honest and fair journalist who is proud of Pakistan and to work hard for the country.

The aim of my new job is to build a nation that respects all of its citizens, irrespective of their ethnicity, religious affiliation or ethnicity, religion, creed or language.’

I am a proud Pakistanis, and I am a brave Pakistani.’

Ali also said he is a man of ‘nationalism’ and that Pakistan needs to respect its ethnic minorities.

But Pakistanis in Pakistan, where the constitution says all political parties must be neutral, are sceptical.

They also believe the newspaper will be taken down after its inaugural edition, and that there are fears that the new editor will be forced to resign.’

If the Pakistani Express goes down, there will be a lot of hurt for the people of Pakistan,’ said a Pakistani journalist.

‘There will be protests, protests of the people.

They will say, “Why is he going to the country of his birth and where he came from?”‘

It will be very difficult for the new independent editor,’ he said.

‘He will be accused of being a traitor.’

He is a very brave man, he has done a lot for the nation.

We need more people like him.’

Pakistanis also believe Pakistanis can get ahead if they work hard.

‘I think a lot can happen in Pakistan without any knowledge, no work, and no effort,’ said Mohsin Haider, a Karachi-based journalist.

He added that the country has a big problem in its education system.’

The education system has been corrupt for many years and the quality of education is poor.

It’s not just education but basic things like healthcare and education as well.

This is why the country is in a crisis,’ he told Axios.

The new editor is also trying to improve relations with India.

He said he wanted to start a new relationship with India, and hopes to see it ‘receive our best’.’

We are working to strengthen relations with the Indian government, and hope to be able to improve our relations with them,’ Ali said.