A few words on the new ‘Eagle’ logo – and what it means to the world of print-and-play games

A new logo for games publisher Eagle has gone into effect, in response to pressure from fans.

The design change is aimed at removing a prominent black and white eagle from the game’s title and its iconography.

“We’ve listened to fans, and we’ve been looking at ways to make our games more accessible and inclusive,” said David Kestenbaum, the chief marketing officer of Eagle Games.

“The idea is to make the games feel more like home and more like a family.”

The new logo was announced last week in a blog post, and has been shared widely on Twitter and Facebook.

“I’m so excited about the logo change, it really brings the world into focus.

It really says ‘Eagles are here!'” said user @Tristan_Eagles, a prominent eagle-fan who tweeted about the change.”

Now that I’ve heard that we’ll be getting rid of the eagle in the title, I think I’ll have to take a look at my other game too.”

Some eagle-related fan sites have been vocal in their support for the logo.

“Eagles have been in games for a long time,” said @sorcerian_angel, another eagle-lover.

“It’s a symbol for both people who love our bird, but also for those who don’t.

The change is really good for both.”

Fans have also taken to Twitter to voice their frustration with the logo’s inclusion.

“Just saw this logo in a game I really wanted to support.

I’m tired of the ‘Easter’ thing,” wrote @panda_japan, a Japanese gamer.”

Its so bad that the eagle is in the logo of a game that is supposed to be for all people!” wrote @nakedkraken, a fan of the popular Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic series.”

A new logo is a great start for Eagle Games, and the logo changes for Eagle is great too.

I hope it will help ease the transition.”

For Eagle Games’ full statement on the logo, read here.