Which newspaper is right?

On November 19, The Detroit Free Press reported that the new owner of the Detroit News is “leaning to” the paper’s “conservative” and “anti-government” leanings.

The Detroit News has previously stated that it supports free speech, but its editorial board has also expressed concerns about Trump and the Republican Party.

The article went on to state that the ownership change was “a good sign” for the new owners.

A few days later, the Detroit Free Times published an editorial in which the paper described the new ownership as a “renegade” and said it would “make a lot of changes.”

The Free Times has also previously said that it will “make changes to its editorial approach to coverage.”

The Detroit Times has previously said it supports freedom of speech, and the new Detroit News ownership is “more conservative” than the Free Times.

In addition to the new editor-in-chief, the paper is also expected to make changes to editorial content, including the new name of the newspaper.

It is unclear how much influence the new editorial board will have on the paper.

The Free Press editorial board recently said that the Free Press has a “liberal bias” in its coverage.