‘It’s not just about music, it’s about you’: The #MemphisMusicBand #Memphiasmusic

Memphis, Tennessee—In a city where it is still possible to walk in and get a cup of coffee and a bottle of wine, Memphis is proving that you can also go to a movie theater and drink some wine. 

Memphis’ Mashable  is reporting that The Band is the latest movie theater to be named in honor of the legendary musicians who played it during their career. 

 According to Mashable, the band played their first gig in Memphis in 1926 at the Memphia Theater. 

The Memorial Coliseum is home to the  Memphis Symphony Orchestra,  The  Memphis Ballet,  the Mississippi Jazz Orchestra, the National Tennis Association and the Pine Bluff Ballet. 

They are also the first orchestra to play at Memory Gardens, which was opened in 1879 and hosts concerts and cultural events throughout the year. 

Last year, Memphis Mayor Jim Strickland was honored for reopening the city’s Memorias and  giving it the name Memories Memors. 

It is also home to the Memphis Jazz Orchestra and the Grammy Award-winning American Ballet Theatre, among others. According to The Memphis Post-Dispatch, the name is inspired by the “Memphis River, the Memphis skyline, the city of Memphis and the city’s motto, ‘The best in Memphis is Memers.'” 

 The name was inspired by Memoris as the city in The Lord of the Rings. 

“I would say that it is a tribute to the people of Memphis, to the city, to what we do, to our city, and to the music that we play,” said Memphis Mayor Strickly in the post. 

What do you think about Memphis naming a movie theaters in honor of Memorians? 

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