How to tell if you’re going to be bitten by a raccoon

It’s a common question you’ll see asked when you’re planning a hike: how long will it take to get bitten?

But the answer depends on many factors, from where you’ll be hiking and the weather.

If you’re hiking alone, you’re at risk of getting bitten, said Jennifer Kneebone, a wildlife and wildlife medicine specialist at the University of New Mexico.

You may not be as at risk as if you were hiking in a group.

In fact, there’s a strong correlation between the number of people and the chances of getting infected.

Kneebon said you should wear long pants and long sleeves to reduce the chances you’ll get bitten, but don’t wear your shorts underneath.

If you have to go without water, wear a hat and mask.

If hiking alone or with a group, take the following steps:Do the following before you hike:• Wear long pants.• Don’t have shoes on the trail.• Wear a hat.• Keep your eyes open.• Look for signs of ticks and mosquitoes.• Get tested for ticks and mites.• Carry a pair of long-sleeved shorts or a long-jacketed jacket with you on the hike.• Dress for weather, as you’re likely to get wet.

If there are any mosquitoes in the area, wear long sleeves and long pants to reduce their chances of catching the mosquitoes.

Be prepared for your hiking trip, Kneepones said.

If the mosquitoes are coming in small packs, you may want to wear a jacket and mask, but avoid walking alone or carrying water.

If the mosquitoes aren’t coming in large packs, it’s important to wear long-nose gloves, a mask and long-shorts.