Colorado State University suspends professor who posted anti-Trump

Denver (AP) Colorado State President John Swartzwelder says he’s suspending a professor after a student posted a racist Facebook message that accused a former student of raping her.

The suspension is effective immediately.

The university announced Wednesday that the suspension applies to all faculty.

In a statement, Swartzwethers said the university is not investigating the post, which has been shared more than 5,000 times.

It was posted Wednesday by a student who identifies herself as a Colorado State student, according to the university.

The student, identified by her university as Jasmine L. Smith, told the newspaper that she received the post in response to an essay written by Smith, who is a member of the College Republicans chapter.

In the essay, Smith said she was raped by a white man, who was later convicted of raping a black woman.

She also said that the rapist had a gun and was on campus at the time.

The college has since said it has suspended Smith indefinitely.

The statement says the college takes sexual assault seriously and has no tolerance for the perpetration of hate speech.

Smith’s father told The Associated Press he’s appalled by the post.

“I feel like I’m losing a daughter and I think it’s sad and it’s a sad reminder of how deep the racial divide is in our country,” said Michael Smith, adding that he has asked his daughter to leave the university and to avoid the school.

“There are so many people out there who can say whatever they want.

And I know that there are people that feel like they’re not being heard and they can’t speak.”

The statement also says the university has launched an investigation into the incident.

“We are investigating this matter and will cooperate fully with any investigation conducted,” the statement said.

A student who goes by the name “Nero” wrote the post on Saturday.

The post, written in Spanish, said she and her family had been on a visit to Mexico and that the couple was about to return to the United States.

“After this, they [sic] going to kill us,” she wrote.

“The reason I was telling you this was to stop the immigration police from coming here and taking away my family.”

She said she had told her parents and siblings about the rape, but that she feared for her life and didn’t want to share it with them.

The family moved to Colorado and the woman has since filed for divorce, according a post on the university’s website.

She had been a member at the school since 2011, according the university website.