New Detroit Times, Detroit newspaper boy hat goes on sale

Detroit, Mich.

— The New Detroit News has been on a roll.

Last week, the newspaper was named the best new business news publication in the nation by the Associated Press and has been named to the best business news business publication in America by Business Insider.

The company is also the latest Detroit business to tap into the growing trend of millennials and has also gained popularity with the local sports fan base.

New Detroit News publisher and publisher Mike Siegel says it’s been an easy transition.

“I’m really proud of it.

I think it’s a testament to our community,” he said.

Siegel said his goal is to give the paper the type of exposure it deserves as the leader of the city’s sports community.

“We’re very fortunate to be a part of that community.

I’m very proud of that,” he added.

The newspaper also is hoping to build on its recent success.

Its new cover features a large photo of Detroiters at a soccer game and features the newspaper’s logo.

According to Siegel, the new cover is part of a broader strategy to expand the newspaper in order to increase readership.

“I don’t think the New Detroit newspaper is going to have the impact it did in the past because of our focus on sports and our focus to be part of the community and not just in the media space,” he told News 2.

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