Kenyan newspaper to run ‘white privilege’ story as it takes over

A Kenyan newspaper is planning to run a story on how white privilege makes African men vulnerable to sexual assault, rape and violence.

The Daily News newspaper is set to run the story, titled ‘The Real Story of Rape in Kenya’, on the issue next week, the newspaper said on Monday.

The article, which has not yet been published, will also feature interviews with some of the women who have come forward with their own experiences of rape, according to the newspaper.

Kenya’s first female president, Uhuru Kenyatta, also announced last year that a newspaper will run an article on rape on the front page, with the headline ‘The Rape of Kenya’, and that a documentary about the rape of three teenage girls will be shown at the film festival in Kenya.

Kenya is one of Africa’s poorest countries and has one of the world’s highest rape rates.

The country has seen a string of high-profile scandals over the past two years, including the death of a university student in 2014.

Kenya has also been the scene of some of Africas most violent clashes, with police, armed groups and mobs using tear gas, water cannons and live ammunition against protesters.

The United Nations has said that violence against women is widespread across the continent.

In 2016, Kenyan police shot dead a 16-year-old girl, claiming she was trying to take her own life.