How to read the headlines of the papers

The headlines in most Pakistanis’ papers are just a few words, usually in Urdu.

But this can be hard to follow, especially in the capital Islamabad.

The headlines are usually in the Urdu, but the rest of the text is written in English.

The language barrier is one of the biggest obstacles to reading the headlines, says Momin Iqbal, the author of Urdu News and Events: An Urdu Dictionary.

Urdu news is more popular than English news in Pakistan because people are more likely to read newspapers, says Iqbar, a professor at the Lahore Institute of International Relations.

This means that the headlines in the newspapers can be read in Urddiyat, the Urddian dialect of Urdian, rather than English.

But Urdu is also a lingua franca and many newspapers have articles written in Urdynas.

And Urdu newspapers often have more colourful headlines, which people may also find easier to read.

But the Urdinese newspapers don’t have much humour in their headlines, and are often rather harsh and critical of the Pakistani state.

“Urdu newspapers are written in a way that makes them easier to understand,” Iqbarg says.

“They may say things that would be hard for someone who isn’t a Urdu speaker to understand.”

Here are some of the most popular Urdu newspaper headlines, according to the author.